Sell My House in Denver

Sell My House in Denver

There could be any number of reasons why you may say to yourself “I need to sell my house in Denver” and you may need to sell it fast.

The Friendly House Buyer is not a realty company. We are investors. The difference between listing your house with a realtor and selling your house to us is that we pay cash and you get your money often in less than 14 days. Even as little as 9 days if all goes in our favor…no liens, clear title, quick inspection approval by my partners, etc…

When you list your house you have to be willing to wait for it to sell and sometimes – quite often actually – the buyer’s loan falls through and you have to start all over looking for a new buyer. Plus, most people get tired really quick of strangers walking through every room of their home for showings and the hassle of having to keep the place spotless in case someone wants to see it.

If you have the money to do needed repairs and the patience to wait for your house to sell, then you likely will make more than if you sell to me. Investors look for houses that need repair so that they know there is work to be done…their specialty…and a bit of room to make a profit.

Every home seller isn’t going to sell to us. We know that. But for the person who needs us to buy their house fast and pay cash, we are like a breath of fresh air and calm in the midst of a storm.

You won’t often see “quickly” and “sell my house in Denver” in the same conversation but you actually can sell your house in a little as 9 days occasionally and almost always in under 14 days when you sell your house to The Friendly House Buyer.

I am not a real estate agent and my partners and I rarely use real estate agents. There’s nothing wrong using real estate agents to sell your house if you have the time and don’t mind sharing a percentage of your equity. But, if you are looking for an answer to “Who will buy my house in Denver?”…The Friendly House Buyer may be the answer. We are real estate investors and are interested in buying more houses in Denver.

Why Sell Your House to an Investor?

One very good reason is that investors like The Friendly House Buyer have the cash in Denver to buy your house fast in its AS IS condition. If you are someone who needs to sell your house fast because of a difficult life situation like a divorce, job loss or job relocation, behind on taxes, unable to maintain the home or keep up with the yard, or any one of many other reasons you need cash more than you need your house…We can help you by buying your house in weeks rather than months plus without the hassle of getting the house repaired and keeping it tidy for showings when listing it the traditional way through a realtor.

If you can’t afford to wait long enough to save up money for repairs to get your house in good enough shape to list it, The Friendly House Buyer can buy it now with no waiting for a bank loan. We are prepared to pay cash for your house for sale in Denver.

We will make you a great offer today.


The Friendly House Buyer offers you a hassle free super fast way to sell a house in Denver. You can have cash and move on with your life in a few short weeks while and we spend our time and money fixing the house troubles that you kissed goodbye.

If you find yourself in a place in life where you need to sell real estate quickly, please contact us at The Friendly House Buyer. We’d like to offer to give you a cash quote quickly. We don’t think you’ll find a faster or easier way to sell your Denver house than with The Friendly House Buyer.