Selling Your House Because of Divorce

Do you need to sell your house because you’re going through divorce? Has the divorce caused you to need to not only sell your house but to sell it fast? At The Friendly House Buyer we care very much about the needs of our clients and understand the often time sensitive situations that selling a home due to divorce can bring up. We can help you sell your house in Denver quickly.

Let us Help You Make It Through This Difficult Time

In most marriages, real estate is jointly held which often leads to difficult situations as you go through your divorce. Attorneys are often needed to help sort things out to make sure that each party is treated fairly. If we can help you to sell your house fast in Denver, please don’t hesitate to call. We’re here for you.

Owning Real Estate Together Complicates the Divorce

It is not until you are in most of life’s situations that you really understand how something that seemed simple before in your life, can become so complicated. Even though both partners may have invested heavily in the house they owned together, many times neither party wants to live in the house anymore. You usually need to sell your house fast so that each of you can move on with your lives and so that there aren’t any long term contracts with the ex partner involved. The best route is to sell the house for cash. That way you are able to sell quickly.

Real Estate Issues that Arise in Divorce

Many factors such as the current equity in the house, down payments made, etc…are involved in deciding who gets what portion of the sale of the house. Dividing up who gets what in a divorce can be so complicated and stressful that some people find it just too much to deal with and they simply give up instead of making sure they get their fair share. We’d encourage you not to do that but seek out our help in selling your house fast. We can even help you deal with issues that arise when one party intends to stay in the house until the sale date. Maybe taxes and insurance payments need paid prior to the sale of your house? How will disputes be resolved? Often you need to bring in outside help to deal with the issues that arise when trying to sell your house in a divorce.

Let Us Assist You with Your Divorce Related Real Estate

The Friendly House Buyer can assist you in handling these issues. We know exactly what you are going through. The divorce itself is stressful enough without adding real estate complications to the mix. The Friendly House Buyer can help you go through whatever comes up – it’s not always easy but with our support, it can go much more smoothly.

Thousands of cases like this are in progress at any given moment in the Greater Denver Area, so please don’t feel overwhelmed or alone. The Friendly House Buyer can help. If you need to sell your house quickly for cash…you can feel confident that The Friendly House Buyer will be there to help you each step of the way.

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