About Us

5 Easy Steps
We Buy In Any Condition.

  1. 1. Brief phone call to us
  2. 2. Invite us to see house
  3. 3. Agree on price for house
  4. 4. You approve agreement
  5. 5. You get a cashier’s check


Get an absolutely no pressure no obligation
cash offer from a friendly house buyer


The Friendly House Buyer focuses on buying and selling single family homes in Denver County,
Colorado. We are a real estate investment company. My partners and I work hard to help people
to sell their homes quickly.

Why work with us? Because The Friendly House Buyer is a local company that follows the
Golden Rule. We work fast and try our best to understand your situation and meet your needs.
We think it’s a good way to do business.

We work fast on your behalf. We move the process along as fast as possible because we know
that you want to move on to the next step in your life. And you need cash to do that.
Though we want to make a living like the next person and need to make a profit, we never
pressure you to sell to us.

People come to us when they need to sell their house fast and if we
can offer an amount that is a win for both of us, then that is great. If for some reason you can’t
accept our offer, we’ll part friends and we wish you the best. If we can give you a recommendation
for another service that we think will help you, we’ll do that .

We treat people the way we’d want to be treated and we really care about our clients. We hope that you have a good experience with us so much so that you tell others about us.